These pages cover building instructions and tips for some of the MDF terrain that has been produced by Products For Wargamers from the designs I have provided.

Industrial Control Tower
(ICT) Tower Levels
(ICT) Tower Stairs
(ICT) Tower Stairs Access
(ICT) Tower Roof Access
(ICT) Tower Roof Plate
(ICT) Ladder
(ICT) Basic Tower Support Box
(ICT) Fan
(ICT) Corner Cover
(ICT) Aircon Unit
(ICT) Heat Sink
(ICT) Microwave
(ICT) Completed Industrial Control Tower

Industrial Processing Towers (Pringle Tower)
(IPT) Industrial Processing Tower
Industrial Landing Pad
Industrial Access Tower (coming soon)
Double Height Processing Tower (coming soon)

Shipping Containers
MKI Shipping Conatiner (this is just a box, no instructions required)
MKII Shipping Container (coming soon)
MKIII Reinforced Shipping Container

Office Block
Office Block Level (instructions coming soon)
Office Block Roof

Corner Ruins

Fences and Walls
Railings with brick post

Other Stuff
Gaslands Gates
Furniture (instruction coming soon)